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Pictures of my dog Corvis

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agility  |  Total images: 14  |   Date added: 22.05.2004

Corvis started agility training in late 2003, but it didn't really start until his return to Pittsburgh in January. He has trained at Splash & Dash Agility, completing Beginner 1,2; Intermediate; and Begining Gamblers so far. He has started to trial. This is the photoalbum for such things.

corvis & katy
corvis & katy  |  Total images: 23  |   Date added: 02.04.2004

My dog Corvis and I drove to Vermont. He stayed with my parents' Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Katy. While staying at a daycare facility, he had a bit of a mishap with a Rottweiler.

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misc  |  Total images: 16  |   Date added: 22.05.2004

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